Anyone pay any attention to E3 this year?

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Anyone pay any attention to E3 this year?

Postby chris_d » Sun Jun 21, 2015 11:37 am

I don't normally, but found myself doing so a bunch more this year.

Some shit came out of the blue and looked pretty cool:

And i continue to find No Mans Sky to be intriguing, even though i don't think it is the type of game i personally would spend a ton of time playing(this is the old video from when they first revealed it a year or so ago, in case you missed the game. They didn't show a ton more this year, just sort of a couple more details, and a vague hope that it might be out before next years E3.):

Another one that looked fantastic to me, even though i don't know if i would personally play it too much(though i might, i really enjoyed slashing things apart in the Shadow Warrior reboot(another one with a sequel announced this year) so if the sword mechanics are good, i might be all over it:

Of course, then there was this brute, which could easily be the thing that gets me to actually join the modern era and play a game on line:

Because everything they have shown of this so far looks completely fucking awesome to me.

Of course, then there was all of this biz:

Which is going to be based in Boston, and released in November of this year. So i guess i have to fucking stop being lazy and actually play through the two previous ones to get up to speed in time. Good price on the steam sale for the GOTY/Ultimate editions of 3 and New Vegas so i picked them up. It is one of those things that pretty much everyone else already knows, but so far Fallout3 is a pretty fantastic game. It sure is taking some time to play though. :lol:

I just love that this sort of shit is possible in games these days.

In other, non-E3-related news, i have also been playing a decent amount of the early access DiRT Rally that codemasters released a month or two ago:

A very different driving game to what they have done in the past. Very sim, very much like a much more graphically advanced version of Richard Burns Rally, but with some nicer stage design. Pretty solid physics. Excellent sound as well. My favorite type of racing, and my favorite type of simulation. They are updating it constantly, and it is already pretty fucking great. I was very happy with this one. If you have any interest in driving sims(and if you have a steering wheel!) check it out. It can be pretty brutal on the learning curve if you don't know sims or rallying, but this is a very good one for sim fans.

What else? There was a whole shitload that i am not personally as into but that looked pretty cool, The Division, new Just Cause, new Rainbow Six, new Ghost Recon, new Batman, new Deus Ex, new Dishonored, etc etc etc.

Anyone check any of it out? Seems like a pretty good time for video games right now.

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